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Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa provides training to “drivers / operators” of all the major Lifting, Mining, Construction, Earthmoving and Forestry machines / vehicles, and testing their competency on these machines / vehicles in order to operate them on a daily basis. We also offer an array of soft-skill training courses, such as First Aid Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, SHE Rep and Basic Firefighting.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Our Companies Products, categorised and listed per Sector Education Training Authority or otherwise known as SETA'S


Troubled times are lying ahead for all Industries in South Africa, but more so for the "so-called" non-essential services, of which Training is a subsection under Education, and we are being hit hard.

Government are calling on the Minister of Education to really start looking at ways on converting Education as a whole to a more E-Learning based environment, as opposed to class-rooms.

Nothing will ever be the same after this pandemic have left our shores, in fact, Education as we know it in the 20th Century will be changed forever.  Lesser "social interaction" in class-rooms and more virtual classrooms is the future according to some experts.

Where does that leave Training Services providers who specialises in "hard-skill" training, in other words, for example a TSP who specialises in machine operator training, whether it be a Forklift, or a Moffett Rough Terrain Vehicle, or a Scraper, a Wheeled Dozer or an Excavator.

These are all machines that the new Novice must feel, touch and smell, to be certified competent at the end of the course cycle.  Well, in comes the solution according to some, "Simulation" is the new "buzz-word" in the Industry, and why not? It makes perfect sense, but still, every hardhat trainer on these machines will tell you, there is no substitution for training a "newbie" on the actual machine itself.

The World as we once knew it, has changed, a reset button have been pressed, and things will never really or can really go back to the way they were, we all accept that, and know this, hence the business sector having to adapt or die.

Yes, simulation and E-learning combined is a solution, and yes, it will equip the incumbent with the necessary knowledge and basic expertise to operate a complex vehicle or machine, and yes, with enough practice and proper video feeds of the actual operation and components of these machines, it can be done, but in that to lies a huge problem, how are we to implement all of this from scratch overnight?

How will a small business owner, whose livelihood depends on his or hers 5 to 10 permanent business customers be able to afford setting an E-learning school online, not even to mention to get access to a real "simulation" unit equipped for the type of machine that needs to be trained? All of these are questions and real concerns that is facing the Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMME) entities in the Training / Education Industry at the moment in South Africa, and maybe in the World.

Competency on any vehicle or machine is the Law in South Africa, and Insurance companies won't even look at any claim for an accident with these Multi Million Rand equipment or machines, when an accident would occur, and the machine operator is not licensed or registered with any of the 21 Sector Education Training Authorities (SETA'S) in South Africa.  How will the World respond to all these imminent challenges, nobody really knows, but for now, all we can pray for is for this World wide pandemic to ease its grip on every society, country, a people and let business return to normal.

Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa is a specialized machine operator training services provider for the Mining Industry, Lifting, Earthmoving or Construction and Forestry SETA'S (Sector Education Training Authorities) in South Africa.

We are an established training company specializing in a vast number of Occupational Health and Safety and various machine training courses, based on, and as contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993.

The nature of our business is to provide a specialised service of exceptional quality training that is aimed at improving safety and lives in the workplace.

Through our full range of Health and Safety Services, which include: Safe Management in a workplace, Compliance Audits and Reports, Onsite Training, Development of a participative Health, Safety and Environmental Management and implementation programme, we at Lifting and Earthmoving Machine Training South Africa (Pty) Ltd, is the leaders in 4 specific Industries of Training in South Africa, namely: Lifting, Earthmoving and Construction Machines (TETA & CETA), Fibre Processing & Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority (FP&M) and Mining Machines (MQA) training.

We love training, we love machines, we love the people who wants to learn how to operate these machines, and operate them well. We love people who make it their pride and joy to everyday go to their workplace with the knowing that they are going to be the best Machine Operator there can be, the Safest Machine Operator there can be! We love the smell of diesel in the morning when that beast's engine starts up and the roar of the horsepower thundering in the morning silence, in all, we are the Machine Operator Trainers in South Africa.

Share in our Companies Feeds and or Blogs or discussions on the subject of Training in South Africa. LAEMTSA is one of South Africa's leading Machine Operator Training Services Providers (TSP) and are accredited to train operators on all the major machines in the Mining, Construction, Earthmoving, Forestry & Lifting Industries, covering 4 main Sector Education Training Authorities, which can be abbreviated as, MQA, TETA, CETA and FP&M SETA's..

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